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Decenternet is the most powerful complete hyper-speed P2P decentralized internet infrastructure solution that blockchain technology can create. It doesn’t belong or report to any third-party organization except for its users. Its innovative browser technology allows you to experience a much faster, more secure, and more private decentralized internet along with the traditional websites you are used to. Data on the Decenternet can be searched and retrieved by the Decenternet Liberty search engine. Liberty does not have an intermediary company to report profits to. You can imagine the information on the Liberty search engine will eventually be more powerful because it is not suppressed by a third party. All of this will be experienced by simply installing the Decenternet wallet and browser application on your computer.

All economic activity on the Decenternet is conducted in Spice obtainable through domestic mining. Spice is an appreciating currency that is interchangeable with most major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS, neutralizing the need for pointless competition among major cryptocurrencies. This naturally allows the invaluable technology each of them represent to coexist in harmony within the decentralized Decenternet exchange. Spyce is the essence of all trade and commerce on the Decenternet. Spice can be used to purchase hosting services, apps, or goods, or process micropayments with ease. This creates a free-market crypto economy where renting out hard-drive space and computational resources such as RAM, CPU, and bandwidth to support the Decenternet can be lucrative. There will always be a limited amount of Spice in circulation. Notice how the Spice economy is self-sustaining and productive in nature as opposed to the traditional fiat currency economy, which is inflationary and exhausting in nature.

Do you want to completely free yourself from surveillance and have total control of your computing assets? Realize you can maximize your Spyce mining potential and experience with the Decenternet’s raw speed and security through the Anubys OS. Anubys is the native default Decenternet blockchain operating system, which will be available completely free of charge. Anubys is what the internet and computing experience was supposed to be.

Just like any other Decenternet core asset, its development and evolution are self-funded by a percentage of Spyce mining operations across the globe. Anubys holds nothing back from you. It enables full control over your resources to maximize your user experience and mining profitability. Anubys is a Linux based OS that is equipped with an intuitive user-friendly UI. Anubys comes bundled with a full range of powerful Linux apps, such as Steam and LibreOffice. Unlike traditional OS such as Windows, the Anubys OS is not bloated with constant mandatory secret junkware updates and surveillance protocols that reset your computer and load junk at start-up. Anubys OS allows us to redefine the internet infrastructure and take back our freedom once and for all.

Remember that there’s no need to blame, riot, or go to war with anyone to reclaim our liberty any more. Simply build a new future with Decenternet.

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