How is it designed?

Software that reflects the philosophy of Decenternet has its original distinct culture. The magnificent Mercury Dwallet contains none of the flaws and enhances all the advantages of the traditional multi-currency wallet.


  • Naturally you may find yourself realizing Mercury as a smooth operating application for all your essential crypto-currency management needs.

saves money and data

faster than traditional browsers

protects private information

always free


Intuitive navigation.

User friendly.

Smart design components.

Fundamentals of Dwallet along with total anonymity of your crypto-assets.

Flexibility of fess.

Integration with the Anuvys debit card.

universal basic income


UBI(Universal Basic Income) on the Decenternet is possible through the unique Decenternet UBI architecture. Notice how self-sustainability, perfect balance, prosperity and stability is a basic feature of all natural ecosystems. Remember that for some parts of the world, even 50 cents a day could actually make a big difference. Realize that the more you use Decenternet(Osiris Browser, Hermes Messenger, Mercury Wallet, Liberty Search Engine, Decenternet Apps, dWebsites, and many more), the more empowerment you are bringing to everyone in a planetary scale.


download     Download OSIRIS Browser
future update features

PAYS YOU to simply use the browser through the open source Liberty Ads Network.

Access to Decenternet(Decentralized Web) sites and Applications.

Immutable Borderless Browsing without the need of a VPN.

Borderless payments through UBI Mercury Dwallet technology integration with DEX.

Immutable Borderless messaging through Hermes Messenger Integration.



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