What is Decenternet?

Decenternet simply stands for 'Decentralized Internet'. Its main objective is to undo the damage traditional internet internet infrastructure has caused such as monopolization of profits generated by the people, and centralized control and misuse of private information, suppression of vital information essential for humanity’s survival and devaluation of currencies. It is worth noticing that Decenternet products are unifying major web 3.0 ecosystems such as Ethereum, Eos, and Tron under a single simple easy to use consumer product. The Osiris web browser allows native web 3.0 rendering through the dAppstore. The Decenternet Initiative moves beyond the limitations of the centralized social structure that fear human progress. It is an anthropomorphic project to improve the lives of all users connected through the new decentralized Internet, with the proliferation of freedom and stability through technology.

What is the Osiris browser?

The Osiris Browser was the first native web 3.0 based net-neutral browser, developed for user freedom with a functional blockchain wallet rendering capabilities back in early 2019 which later became standard for most progressive browsers. For the first time, decentralized applications run on your personal computer the browser without complicated technical procedures or having any knowledge of blockchain technology. It provides users with basic features such as unwanted advertising blockage, privacy, and hyper-speed browsing experience in video and news.

What is dAppstore?

The dAppstore is the 'dApp Total Marketplace' of all decentralized applications for fair transparent information sharing, user generated revenue sharing, and least but not least protection of your computing and private assets. As a permanent partner of Decenternet, dAppstore integration with Osiris Browser enable users to conveniently choose and experience the blockchain-based Decentralized Applications (dApps) without distinguishing them from traditional Apps. It is designed to help users who are unfamiliar with blockchain and dApps by eliminating the barriers-to-entry to the use of blockchain applications, and benefit from ease of use.

What are the characteristics of the Osiris Browser?

Osiris is a WEB 3.0 based browser has been designed to provide two major functions: Net-neutral browser & dApp designated browser. As a net-neutral WEB 3.0 browser, Osiris provides premium features such as: Free VPN functionality, Hyper-fast browsing, Selective Ad removal, and Sensitive Privacy protection features. Also, as a dApp designated browser, it allows blockchain-based apps to run natively without inconvenient technical procedures or having prior knowledge or experience of blockchain technology.

Where can I download the Osiris browser?

The Osiris browser supports the current Windows PC, Android and iOS mobile versions. You can download the Osiris via the link below. www.browseosiris.com