After careful observation, one may realize that the Decenternet infrastructure shatters the boundaries of confinement that obstructs human potential. This Decenternet upholds a blueprint that is an elaborate plan to a new version of physical reality which we may already have the power to reach and experience at an accelerated rate of manifestation. Imagine you had the power to speed up the materialization of a world where blockchain technology brings a new golden age of prosperity and stability for you and our loved ones. The more you participate the faster we can break free from the chains of limitation that fear human progress. For humanity to advance into the status of an advanced civilization, we have started to naturally allow the implementation of the Decenternet solutions for tackling the following homework.
  • Monetization and shared ownership of all data based on DLT technology free from centralized internet infrastructure.
  • Protection of free speech by a gradual establishment of an autonomous "Jury Duty" censorship foundation and maintenance of net neutrality.
  • The proliferation of limitless information.
  • Liberation of technology withheld by the middleman.
As you explore more about Decenternet, you may slowly and naturally understand that the Decenternet Vision has a simple yet powerful approach to creating a different version of reality in which the above have already been accomplished. It is useful to remember to remember that the subjects who wish to experience Decenternet in their quantum scenario must be operating in different mental frequency from the state that created the challenges we face today in our society. In this manner, it is up to user to decide his or her face. Notice how the implication of the proliferation of Decenternet technology goes beyond the boundaries of blockchain subject matter and internet infrastructure. It confidently plans to pacify the root cause of suffering on this planet without spreading blame, victimization and separation. With this in mind, one may see that the Decenternet Vision may be an eventual standard technology. We all have the power to implement this now thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto's mental framework which seeded the initial energy vibration. VERITAS IN LIBERTAS.