How is it designed?

We promote freedom, and believe that this basic human right should never be taken away. Through Hermes, Contacting co-workers, loved ones and friends has never been easier. Just Imagine, the freedom to say what you want through one messenger, for everything.


  • Hermes is the Decenternets answer to secure encrypted messaging, calling, video calling, conference calls, voice notes, file sharing and crypto transactions.

Secure messaging

Video calling and Conference calls

Voice notes, file sharing

Crypto transactions


Security is always a priority.

Complete anonymity.

Allows end users to freely connect.

Express themselves through a variety of different messaging and communication mediums.

universal basic income


UBI(Universal Basic Income) on the Decenternet is possible through the unique Decenternet UBI architecture. Notice how self-sustainability, perfect balance, prosperity and stability is a basic feature of all natural ecosystems. Remember that for some parts of the world, even 50 cents a day could actually make a big difference. Realize that the more you use Decenternet(Osiris Browser, Hermes Messenger, Mercury Wallet, Liberty Search Engine, Decenternet Apps, dWebsites, and many more), the more empowerment you are bringing to everyone in a planetary scale.

download     Download OSIRIS Browser

Hermes will be integrated to the Osiris browser and Hermes messenger in the future.

Messaging and transaction functions of Hermes Messenger will be integrated into the future of the Osiris browser and Mercury wallet.


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